This website is dedicated to bringing the work of particular Mexican artisans to the notice of folk art aficionados, international as well as American.

Here you will find creations by Rafael García González, gold-leaf-on-lacquer artisan of Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, and unique masks by Felipe de Jesús Horta Tera of Tócuaro, Michoacán.

You will find Catrinas and other skeleton figures by Antonio Pérez and from the studio of Juan Torres and Belia Canals of Capula, Michoacán.  There are also Lupita figures produced by three families in Tonalá, Jalisco, near Guadalajara.

The name of the website springs from my personal gratitude to friends in the city of Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, and to Marta Quiroz de Villalva, the friend who insisted that I visit Pátzcuaro. (Pronounced POT-skwah-roe). PUROARTE was added because it better represents the offerings and is easier to spell.

The word puro in this context can mean nothing but, just, and through and through. Thus PUROPATZCUARO is not correct if we take it to mean nothing that’s not from Pátzcuaro, but apt if this site can capture and transmit some of the spirit and beauty of that city.

Rafael Garcia's oldest son, Marco Antonio, designed the sign at the top of this page with contributions from his mother and father.

I would be thrilled to know that persons viewing this site were moved to travel to Pátzcuaro or any of the towns where the art pieces are made.  

- Brian Barabé