DVD: Los Caminos del Artesano

This DVD was designed to inform art aficionados about "A few days with Rafael García González," an artist in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México.

It was also designed for Spanish students and classroom levels from intermediate to advanced as supplementary learning for language and culture.

A preview is available on the Videos page.

DVD: Las Caras del Artesano

"Las caras del artesano" or "The faces of the artisan" shows the Horta family carving and painting masks for "La Pastorela," the celebration of the birth of Jesus by shepherds.  We start in the family's home and proceed to the dance and pageant itself.  A final segment in the video shows Felipe Horta Tera producing one single mask, from the moment of sawing the tree trunk to the last brush stroke with paint.

DVD: En Camino

Tranquil little towns, bustling city boulivards, high-speed freeways, hair-rasing curves, the green hills of Nayarit, a cactus-studded island in Guaymas harbor--see all these and more on a sign-reading trip through Mexico.  The narration is at "caretaker" speed and highly comprehensible.  Read over twenty Ud. and Tú commands on highway signs, seventy-five other highway directives, and many commercial signs.  An appendix has forty additional signs and more buses than the New Jersey turnpike.